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External internships (students)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of January 1, 2024, students of any degree who carry out training internships or external academic internships will contribute to Social Security. More information.


Students can carry out two types of external internships, curricular y extracurricular. Curricular external internships are those that are evaluable, which are included as mandatory in the study plan of the degree that the student is taking. Extracurricular external internships are those that students may subsequently carry out on a voluntary basis until completing their degree.

The management of practices depends on their nature. The external internships of the majority of the Bachelor's and Master's curricula, usually carried out in companies and institutions, are the responsibility of the External Internship Unit. Consult all the information, requirements, procedures, and internship offers: External Internships (Intranet)

In relation to practices teachers contained in the Degrees in Childhood education and in Primary education, as well as in Master's Degree in Teacher Training, from their respective Coordinations, specific regulations and procedures are established.

character practices clinically included in the Degrees in Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology y Occupational Therapy They are regulated by the Faculty of Health Sciences together with the respective Degree Coordinations. Certain Masters of Health Sciences include practices of this type, about which you must consult the corresponding Master's Directorate.

In certain Own Teachings that make it possible to carry out internships, students must contact the Academic Directorate of the Degree. For their part, the students of Affiliated Centers They will be governed by the regulations and offer of External Practices of said centers.