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Other activities

The URJC extends the University beyond its campuses, and organizes visits to museums, workshops, concerts, theaters... You will receive information through the web, social networks and/or email of all the activities and opportunities that the URJC offers you. offers. IG: @cultura_urjc; email:

Through the La Universidad a Escena program, a training course of several sessions is carried out where opera is known from within and the Royal Theater. This is a one-week workshop at the Teatro Real where students delve into an opera, its staging, set design, and scenic proposal.

The Mapfre Foundation allows us to attend its exhibitions with discounts.

Discounts are offered in theater rooms for the university community.

Beginning of Course Party with Radio 3

On the occasion of the beginning of the academic year, a current music event is held from the University and together with Radio 3, to attract the youngest to their university and thus celebrate the beginning of the course with them.

With the creation of this event, the aim is to impregnate students with the university spirit, but also to bring the university closer to their way of life, to the feelings and entertainment of young people, making their university not only their place of study and training, but also as part of their experience in one of the most important and most beautiful stages of their lives. It will be a celebration of culture and music, youth and passion, university and community with the city.

End of year concert program