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RSU:Diversity Unit

Responsible: Miguel Angel Lopez Saez
Address: Office 4009, Rectorate Extension. C/ Tulipán s/n, 28933 Móstoles (Madrid)
Phone: 914887678, 914888569. E-mail:
For visits make an appointment.

Diversity Unit website

The URJC Diversity Unit aims to work intersectionally with the entire university community; all about diversity LGBTQIAQ+ (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans, intersex, asexual and other gender realities), socio-cultural and related.

For this, we develop several lines of action: attention, accompaniment and networks; training, awareness and dissemination; research, evaluation and diagnosis, commitments, protocols and university policies.

Among other issues, here you can modify the name and gender identity with which you appear at the University, through the “Protocol for the management and procedures related to gender identity"

Likewise, this unit works in coordination with entities focused on migration and refuge to facilitate accompaniment.

Come meet us! If you want to share something or simply visit us, know better what we do... we can stay and get to know each other. We are in Office 4009 of the Extension of the Rector's Office in Móstoles.


1. Attention and accompaniment

  - Accompaniment and follow-up in the procedures related to change of name and/or gender identity:

  • These attentions are carried out following the "Protocol for the management and procedures related to gender identity" and in coordination with the rest of the academic bodies involved (general secretariat, vice-rectorate for students, computer services, etc.).
  • Issuance of a official title duplicate with the new name and gender identity, Without aditional costs, in the case of having processed the change in the Civil Registry and have a new DNI.
  • Realization of Reports to facilitate the modification of data in the Civil Registry.
  • Change of name and gender identity for purposes academics in college. We accompany you in the process to modify the data in class lists, minutes, Virtual Campus and sports activities, in an agile and respectful way with you. In addition, we can offer you a new URJC email account and a new University Card.
  • Name change in case you are going to make the EvAU in the URJC for the purposes of the appeal. To do this, we coordinate with your Secondary School.

  - Attention in case of discrimination by LGTBIphobia at the University, in coordination with the Equality Unit of the URJC.

  - Guidance for academic work, tell us your ideas and questions!

  - Support for entities, institutions (faculties, university institutes, research groups, work groups, etc.) and URJC student associations for carrying out activities in the university context.

2. Training, awareness and dissemination

Visibility events and conferences

  a) Next events

  b) Conferences and events held

      a) I Conference 2022 "Celebrated Diversity in the URJC"

Congress and seminars

  a) Next events

  b) Congresses and seminars held

degree training

Postgraduate training

  1. Gender and social inequality of Master of Gender and Health
  2. Diversity and health of the Master of General Health Psychology


  1. Management of LGBT+ diversity in workplaces

3.Investigation, evaluation, and diagnosis


  1. At the URJC there are several research groups that work on LGBTIQA+ realities and ethnic-cultural and related diversity.
  2. In addition, different URJC magazines have developed thematic issues:
  3. URJC Teaching Innovation Projects

Linked SDGs

The 2030 Agenda includes the prohibition of discrimination based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity, culture and origin. For the 2030 Agenda, the effective promotion of the human rights of LGTBI people is essential; migrants and racialized people among others.

In this sense, the following SDGs address these issues:

  • SDG4, the issue of the right to education, plays a key role in promoting, guaranteeing, protecting and fulfilling respect for diversity.
  • SDG3, dedicated to guaranteeing a healthy life and promoting the well-being and health of LGTBI people, and people with different backgrounds and cultures.
  • SDG5, dedicated to gender equality, promoting policies that study the specificities of women and girls within any group.
  • SDG 8, refers to committing to the promotion of decent work for all people, protecting and promoting safe work environments free of LGTBIphobias, racism and xenophobia.
  • SDG 1 dedicated to ending poverty in all its forms and, for this, the commitment to appropriate social protection measures that guarantee the broadest coverage for people who often face stigmatization and discrimination are especially relevant.
  • SDG 10, dedicated to reducing inequalities in countries, by promoting the social inclusion of all people.

Team and contact

You can contact through:

The Unit's team is made up of its management and a committee made up of teaching and research staff, administration and services staff, and students.


Miguel Angel Lopez Saez


Lucas Platero Mendez (V)

Elio Valero Toranzo (S)

Jose Gabriel Rodriguez Perez (V)

Oriol Borrás Gene (S)

Stephanie Marie Michele Papin (V)

Sara de Rivas Hermosilla (S)

Cristina Fernandez Laso (V)

Kenya Ramona Del Orbe Ayala (S)


Rosa Rodriguez Saavedra (V)

Consuelo Iriarte Campo (S)

Mª Dolores López García (V)

Ainhoa ​​Romero Hernandez (S)


Oscar Regina Costilla-Legaz (V)

Daria Efimova (S)